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Kill the Princess: Writing Tips from Kim Alexander

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I’m back and talking world building, and this time I’m looking at you, writer who makes every heroine in her stories a princess! This is going to be slightly different from Chosen One Syndrome, because when it comes down to it, every protagonist is a chosen one; you’ve chosen to write about them. In this installment, I’ll be talking about working for a living. When authors are creating their Fantasy Lands (pop. unicorns) it’s easy to spot the default–faux medieval Europe. And if you have a bunch of forbidding, craggy, windswept mountains with impenetrable fortresses (fortressi?!) atop them, the next thing you’re gonna do is make your main character a princess. (Or a prince — I don’t know your life.)…

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Kim Alexander Tackles Hair Details in Her Series on World Building

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In my continuing series on world building, I’ve mostly been talking about big-picture components: time, religion, the written word. In this edition, let’s narrow the focus. Picture a woman. Now get closer. Let’s look at her head. What’s she got going on? Is her hair flawless; waist length and perfectly highlighted? So we can assume she can afford to get a regular blow-out, or her work demands that she always looks just-so, or someone pays her salon bills. Maybe she’s young and carefree, or she’s trying to cling to her free-flowing youth. Maybe she’s got it yanked into a post-gym ponytail, or cut short because she just had a baby and wants to keep little hands from yanking it. Is…

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5 Sci-Fi Novels to Get You Hyped for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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The entire nerd-world is foaming at the mouth over Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We hope the movie will be all that and a bag of chips, and based on the teasers, trailer and set photos, it’s shaping up to be everything fans hope it will be (despite any prequel-related PTSD). However, during the excruciating wait for the film’s premiere on December 18, why not feast your brain on a great science fiction novel? Most sci-fi experts will tell you to read Foundation and Dune (if you haven’t read them, get off the internet and read them now. I’ll wait.), but there are some less-obvious choices that will appeal to Star Wars fans for the same reasons they love the…

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