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Avital Zeisler on turning women into Weapons of Fitness

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In the wake of her darkest moment, Avital Zeisler became a living weapon. Through the study of self-defense, she transformed her body and herself, while at the same time conquering fear and reclaiming her life. Now, Zeisler is sharing her methods in her book, Weapons of Fitness: The Woman’s Ultimate Guide to Fitness, Self-Defense, and Empowerment (Penguin, 2015). Zeisler was a ballerina in Canada when one night she was brutally beaten and raped by a man she had been seeing. While the physical damage took time to heal, the emotional trauma was even deeper and more painful. “Every aspect of positivity and daily enjoyment in life had vanished. I felt nothing but negativity—toward everything and everyone.” In search of a…

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