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Walt Gragg, Author of ‘The Red Line’ and BookTrib Contributor Announced Winner at 2017 Best Book Awards

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We would like to congratulate author and BookTrib contributor Walt Gragg on his win at the 2017 Best Book Awards. Gragg took home the prize in the Fiction: Thriller/Adventure category for his book, The Red Line. The Red Line is a military Thriller where on the verge of World War III, a resurgent Russian Empire launches a deadly armored attack on Germany. With a powerful cast of characters and an engaging story line drawn from Gragg’s own experiences in Vietnam, The Red Line has been winning over readers and Hollywood.  Gragg shared with BookTrib, recently, that the book has been optioned for a miniseries.   You can read Walt’s work on BookTrib on his contributor’s page.   CONGRATULATIONS, WALT!!!  …

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Go Team USA: Inspiring Books to Get You in the 2016 Summer Olympics Spirit!

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Ahhh, the Olympics: the magical time of year when you’re allowed to chant “USA! USA! USA!” un-ironically with your face painted like Old Glory. But while this week marks the kick off of the 2016 Summer Olympics, this year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro seem a little different, amidst controversy about the water in Rio, concerns about the Zika Virus, debates about nation-wide bans due to doping and anxiety over event security, these Games seem more than a little hectic and apprehensive. Despite the (valid) trepidations many have over the Summer Olympic Games, fundamentally, the Olympics are a time to celebrate. The world is already pretty crazy, so it’s helpful to remember that people are, in fact, capable of coming…

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