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Who’s Who When Everyone is Someone Else.

C.D. Rose’s Latest Answers the Literary Question: ‘Who’s Who When Everyone is Someone Else?’

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C.D. Rose is master of the short story, but his latest work, Who’s Who When Everyone is Someone Else (April 10, 2018, Melville House), is a novel that combines elements of mystery, fantasy and satire. Rose turns one man’s story into an exploration of something we love at BookTrib— forgotten books. In a series of twists and hysterical turns, an unnamed narrator is invited to give ten lectures on “lost” books at an unnamed university in an unnamed country. What follows is an adventure you have to read to believe. Who’s Who When Everyone is Someone Else is witty and poetic, displaying beautiful symmetry between the characters and the scenery to the very end. Over a series of emails, I talked with C.D. Rose…

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