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Writer’s Bone Podcast: Jardine Libaire’s ‘White Fur’ Jumps as an Unforgettable Love Story

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Today’s guest is Jardine Libaire, author of White Fur. Libaire’s second novel is a truly unforgettable and original love story, one that starts with a shotgun in a hotel room. The author talked to Daniel Ford about her origins as a storyteller, her decision to get an MFA, what inspired White Fur, and plenty of great writing advice that will have you fired up to pick up a pen. To learn more about Jardine Libaire, visit her official website, like her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter @Jardineraven. Read an excerpt of White Fur: A Novel below:   Want to be a published writer? Enter our writing contest, where you could become a BookTrib Contributor! Deadline for submissions is January…

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‘White Fur’: Is Love Really More Powerful Than Money?

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The more I think about this novel, the more I love White Fur by Jardine Libaire. It’s the 1980s and Elise, a school dropout and recently homeless young girl is living in New Haven with a friend she met on the street. Jamey is one of the white, privileged and wealthy guys in the apartment next door; the longtime buddies are students at Yale and everything material has been given to them on a silver platter. The unlikely attraction between Elise and Jamey is powerful, lustful and trepidatious on Jamey’s part, as Elise is from low-class, poor, unsophisticated stock, and although she has big love for her family and knows what she wants out of life, his fancy and pretentious family and…

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