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Kick A** Characters: Wade Watts of ‘Ready Player One’

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Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film version of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is now that second biggest film of the year behind Black Panther grossing nearly $400 million worldwide in only two weeks. Ready Player One is “the ultimate geek experience,” according to Super Sci-Fi, and the character Wade Watts is the ultimate geek. Go inside the “geeky, 80’s-loving, heroic, and often virtually simulated” character of Wade Watts from Ready Player One in this Penguin Random House stop-motion tribute edition of Kick A** Characters. Check out a preview of the film:   Want more BookTrib? Sign up NOW for news and giveaways!

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We Can’t Wait for the Intense Action in ‘Ready Player One’

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We love books about the future – even if that future happens to be bleak. And that’s definitely the case with Ernest Cline’s beloved 2011 novel, Ready Player One, which imagines a crowded 2044 where global warming has wrecked havoc and most places on earth have become overpopulated slums. Because reality is so uninviting, many people prefer to live in a virtual reality called OASIS. The book follows Wade Watts, a teen living in Columbus, Ohio, who’s obsessed with old video games and ‘80s pop culture, and who navigates OASIS as the avatar Parzival. Wade becomes determined to find a series of keys that will lead him to a hidden Easter egg, a game that was set in motion when…

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