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#AskELJames: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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So it seems that someone on E.L. James’ team doesn’t like her very much. How does this Bookish Diva know this? #AskElJames Those who value their brain cells, eyeballs, and sanity may not be aware of the multi-book series that James penned. OK, that may be statistically impossible. All of us have heard of it. (First rule of Fifty Shades disdain, you don’t acknowledge the existence of Fifty Shades.) But then, the soul-sucking machine that powers this unfortunate media juggernaut decided that a Twitter Q&A would be a nifty idea. Apparently they didn’t see what happened to JP Morgan, the NYPD, R. Kelly, or Bill Cosby. This Bookish Diva is guessing that her media team has this thought in mind…

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