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Books for TV Addicts: 3 pick-me-ups for dejected Forever fans

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It was a hard pill to swallow. Just a day after the season finale, ABC announced thatĀ Forever wouldn’t get a second season. This surprised a lot of people, including its many fans and its star, Ioan Gruffudd. In fact, Gruffudd penned a heartfelt letter to fans of the show, explaining his disappointment in the decision and bidding farewell on a positive note. The show that follows an immortal doctor’s trials and tribultaions – whose father, played by the always excellent Judd Hirsch, fittingly own an antique store – turned out to be anything but “immortal.” But as Gruffudd says, “life is like that.” He described this as his “dream role” and to have it taken away must’ve hurt. It hurt…

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