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Royalty, Fantasy and a Christmas Romance are Part of Our Kindle To-Be Read List!

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Most readers I know have an alarming to-be-read (TBR) pile. Mine is mostly on my Kindle, partly because I vowed that I would stop buying paperback romance novels at the grocery store (yeah, right) and partly because I just can’t resist an Amazon bargain. Any time I see an e-book on sale, I snap it up, adding it to my ever-growing – and never-ending – list of books that I swear I will read someday. Honestly, I both love and loathe my TBR pile. It’s like a warm and pleasant albatross around my neck, weighing me down while at the same time filling me with constant comfort and happiness. But I love that no matter what, I always have a book…

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Tackling the To-Be-Read Pile: 4 Authors We’re Discovering This Month

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Like any voracious reader, my to-be-read pile is at least a mile high. I mean this literally: I have novels stacked in teetering columns around my living room and at the side of my bed. And that doesn’t even include all the new titles on my iPad just waiting for me to click on their little icons. This month I finally decided to put aside those well-worn reads I return to again and again and try out a new author or two. Or four, it turns out. Here are the authors I’m discovering this month, and the books that are making me fall hard for them: Paper Princess, Erin Watt (EverAfter Romance, April 4, 2016) Any book that’s described as…

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