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Heeeere’s Oscar!

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I have not been nominated for an Academy Award this year. Or last year. OK, never. But I could have been. If only. If I had been given a film to star in, had the looks of Cate Blanchett, the body of Jennifer Lawrence, and the talent of Meryl Streep. That could be me on the red carpet. Sigh. Instead, come Sunday night, I’ll be home, sipping my Diet Coke, sitting starry-eyed in front of the TV in my sweats (does Kohl’s count as designer wear?) wrapped in my favorite blanket waiting for the beautiful people to arrive. I’ll have stellar company—approximately 50 million people will tune in to ceremony from the Academy Awards—more commonly known as the Oscars—Sunday, March…

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Rich as sin: money and murder on Wall Street

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The rewards of Wall Street come fast and furious. Too fast for some; not fast enough for others. The Street is where big money is made and it’s all based on the same drive – greed. This is where the Milken’s and Boesky’s seemed joined at the hip in a cacophony of insatiable debauchery. So, how far would you go to be rich? Not just comfortably rich, but rich beyond your comprehension of rich? Rich as sin? Richer than Midas? In Nothing Personal: A Novel of Wall Street Mike Offit plumbs the deeper depths in which greed sinks to keep the wealth rolling in. Having worked the ‘Street’ for 25 years, Offit has written a novel that takes his readers on…

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New York Post Page Six: Mystery novel makes ‘Wolf’ look like a ‘flea’

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Mike Offit wanted to be a writer like his father, but he was side-tracked to Wall Street as a mortgage trader at First Boston and Prudential. Now he has written his first book, “Nothing Personal: A Novel of Wall Street” — a heart-pounding murder mystery that explains white-collar crimes much better than “The Wolf of Wall Street” does. “‘Wolf’ is entertaining, but it’s a story about a financial flea,” Mike told me. “Jordan Belfort and his boiler room weren’t anywhere near Wall Street. They were out on Long Island.” Mike’s dad, Sidney Offit — the author of “Friends, Writers, and Other Countrymen” and “Memoir of the Bookie’s Son” — was close to Kurt Vonnegut. Mike grew up knowing Vonnegut, Norman…

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