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The Talented Mr. Ripley

Tara Isabella Burton’s Debut and Deadly Relationships

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This year, we’ve seen a lot of books that seem to just raise the bar on what we can expect from literature in terms of mesmerizing plots, spellbinding characters and twists no one ever saw coming. But debut novel Social Creature, with its eye-catching cover that stops you in your tracks may just have raised the bar above all the others. Equally hypnotic and provocative, the novel focuses on the friendship between two women: Louise living on her own, barely making rent with no real relationships with anyone, not even her own family; and Lavinia, living in an apartment on the Upper East Side, funded by her parents, and taking part in everything the high life in New York has to offer.…

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The Girl on the Train: Is Paula Hawkins’ debut the new Gone Girl?

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“With great power comes great responsibility.” Wait, that’s life advice for Peter Parker (and Spider-Man). For authors, particularly debut authors like Paula Hawkins in The Girl on the Train, it’s more like “with weighty comparisons to bestselling novels come often insurmountable expectations.” Even if you’re not a crime fiction fan—and this is surely part of the book’s enduring appeal almost two years after its release—you’ve probably read (or at the very least know) the basic gist of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. Girl meets boy in New York. Girl and boy get married. Girl and boy live seemingly happy life for a few years. Girl and boy move to Missouri. Girl and boy are about to celebrate five-year anniversary but girl…

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