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Here’s What You Missed This Week on BookTrib!

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We all know that staying up-to-date with your favorite website can be a full-time job, and we’re betting you’ve already got one of those. So every Saturday, BookTrib is bringing you a weekly roundup of our can’t-miss posts. Here you’ll find 7 posts from the week that you need to check out: What’s Your Book Sign: Astrology is the guilty little pleasure we just can’t seem to put away. But did you know that your zodiac sign is actually a pretty good indicator of what books you should read? Flip your sign to see what book is perfect for you       Exclusive! Miya Tokumitsu on Why “Do What You Love” is Misleading: Miya Tokumitsu never imagined when she…

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Eric Carle’s Newest Book: A Lifetime Love of Words and Art

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Anyone who’s grown up in the last 40 years knows that when you ask a brown bear what it sees, the answer will be more than you bargained for—and that caterpillars tend to be very hungry. We learned these wonderful lessons thanks to children’s author and illustrator Eric Carle. His new book, The Nonsense Show (Pilomel; October 13, 2015) is just as playful as the rest of his titles, but also offers readers young and old an introduction to a whimsical art style that is one of Carle’s favorites. “When taken in context with his two most recent titles, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse and Friends, The Nonsense Show forms a trilogy of sorts, opening young readers to…

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