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Ann Claycomb Explores the Life of a Mermaid in ‘The Mermaid’s Daughter’

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content, including this article from Ann Claycomb! Fiction and creative nonfiction writer Ann Claycomb has become the master of the underwater life of mermaids since researching for her latest novel, The Mermaid’s Daughter. Below, she shares with Bookish her discoveries and the ultimate lure of the fictional creatures that live under the sea. Mermaids. What would you give to be part of their world? When studying mermaids, Ann Claycomb found their portrayals fascinating. They were either tranquil, pastel sunbathers or powerful, deadly sirens. Here, Ann Claycomb explores that dichotomy and shares how it inspired her latest novel, The Mermaid’s Daughter (William Morrow, March 7, 2017). When you write a book about mermaids,…

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