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GBC Boston Chapter is a Melting Pot for Out-of-Towners

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A bar and a DJ at a book club meeting? That wasn’t how it was scripted, but it made for one of the more unusual sessions of the Girly Book Club’s Boston Chapter. The chapter is hosted by Lauren Hughes, who moved to Boston from Seattle in early 2017 and was looking to get back into reading more and making friends in her new surroundings. She shares the hosting duties with Hana Vackova. Hughes is a Senior Product Designer at Wayfair, recently married, and has a four-year-old Australian Shepherd named Ludo, after the character from The Labyrinth. The chapter has 2,000 members in its Meetup Group, and the live monthly meetings, which take place religiously the last Monday of every…

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Smart Reads: 3 Books for Banned Books Week

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We’re closing out Banned Books Week (September 27-October 3) by honoring three of the most challenged and banned books in 2014 as this week’s Smart Reads. Even though our right to read anything we like is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the American Constitution, there have always been members of the community who take exception to the content of certain books. Reasons for banning books have varied. Most frequently cited are offensive language, sexually explicit content, violence, controversial issues (a highly subjective term) and being unsuitable for its targeted age group. But as any book loving parent knows, much of this depends on the individual reader. And what budding adolescent hasn’t read a forbidden adult novel under the covers…

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