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A Perfect Match: Magic and Drama in This Week’s Authorbuzz

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  Dear Readers, Do you love magical labyrinths? Did you ever wonder what life might be like on the inside? Araina is shocked when for the first time she witnesses an outsider come into her dark labyrinth home… Questions abound as she begins to learn the world is bigger than she ever realized. Will you be able to solve the mysteries of the labyrinth world before Araina? I’m giving away 5 books. Write to me – [email protected] – for a chance to win! Visit my website: http://emilyanngirdner.com     Dear Reader, I’m thrilled to share with you my dark modern drama about a girl from the trailer park and the son of a criminal king. They don’t belong together, but they’re caught in a dangerous game. The King is a USA Today bestselling novel, and I’m giving…

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J.R. Ward is the Queen of Sexy Vampires

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The year was 2005, and I was just discovering that you could order books from Amazon and they would show up on your doorstop in a few days. (It was a simpler time.) Thanks to a part-time job, I was flush with cash and ready to spend it all on paperbacks. I even knew what I was after: something with romance, a happy ending and plenty of vampires. In the fall of 2005, vampires were everywhere. Twilight had been just released and bookshelves were crowded with sexy bloodsuckers. And while I enjoyed the chaste tale of true love, I was looking for something a little more, well, PG-13. Or R. Or, let’s face it, even NC-17. That’s when I discovered…

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