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To Be a Kid Again: Your Favorite Childhood Stories Get a Reboot

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No matter our age, we can all remember those childhood books that touched and moved us. These are the stories we return to again and again, reveling in the tales that helped inform us as we grew. Personally, I remember devouring The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and rereading Anne of Green Gables so many times that my paperback fell apart. Even as an adult, I would do anything to get more of those books, or any continuations of my favorite childhood stories. If I found out that there was a long-lost sequel to The Secret Garden, for example, I’m pretty sure I would squeal out loud (who cares if I’m in my 30s?). So when I realized that…

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When the printed word inspired Best Visual Effects Oscars

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The act of reading, it’s been said, is like a vivid and continuous dream. As the reader’s eyes scan the page (or the computer screen), the words disappear, and the imagination constructs the world being conveyed by the author. Wondrous settings, fantastic beings and acts that are impossible to achieve in the real world unfold before the mind’s eye. How, then, are these flights of fancy recreated on the movie screen? For generations, that task has fallen to motion picture visual effects artists. These artisans and technicians, working in concert with directors, have been responsible for bringing that which can only be imagined to life. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have been handing out Oscars for Best…

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