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The Freedom Broker

George R.R. Martin and More Thrilling Reads

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ThrillerFest, the thirteenth annual gathering of the crème de la crème, debut and aspiring thriller writers, took place last week and throughout the weekend in New York City. There’s only one event where you can find New York Times bestselling authors lurking around every single corner, literary agents actually appearing in broad daylight and fans openly plotting and conspiring with the most feared and revered names of the thriller genre. The beloved Strand Bookstore, famous for possessing 18 miles of books, was the event’s bookseller, and a popular hangout for authors, publishers, and fans alike. Juicy panels featuring the expertise of bestselling authors were highly anticipated and the rooms were brimming with hopeful upcoming writers, eager to learn.  Each year at the…

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ITW ThrillerFest Debut Author K.J. Howe Talks ‘The Freedom Broker’

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ThrillerFest 2017 K.J. Howe THE FREEDOM BROKER

Today’s ThrillerFest 2017 debut author is K.J. Howe. Read about how she answered our “thrilling” questions, and check out her new book, The Freedom Broker. BookTrib: If you were on death row, what would be your last read? Why?   K.J. Howe: I’m on death row. I only have one last read. Some of the books that first came to mind include: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss—a book about reincarnation, so I could figure out how to come back in another life as J.K. Rowling. Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King—allowing me to design the ultimate escape plan. Angel of Death Row by Andrea Lyon—featuring 30 years of experience from death row lawyer Andrea Lyon, I mean, there would have…

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DIY MFA Radio Episode 143: Interview with K.J. Howe — ThrillerFest and Writing Strong Female Characters

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diy mfa ep 143 k.j. howe

In this episode, Gabriela Pereira interviews K.J. Howe, debut thriller author of The Freedom Broker, Daphne du Maurier Award-winner, and executive director of ThrillerFest. They talk about how to craft strong female leads in thrillers and why it’s important to give even the most heroic characters a flaw or personal obstacle to overcome. Also, for the first time ever on this show, Gabriela shares an obstacle she has faced in her own life. This deep and honest conversation between two authors about how to bring authenticity to your characters. ABOUT DIY MFA Here’s a secret no one ever tells you. The typical MFA (Master of Fine Arts) boils down to one simple formula: Writing + Reading + Community = MFA…

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K.J. Howe on Researching the Scary World of Kidnapping for Her Latest Release, The Freedom Broker

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content, starting with this article written by K.J. Howe! If you’re looking for edge-of-your-seat thrills, we recommend checking out The Freedom Broker. The first in a new series from K.J. Howe, this novel follows kidnap negotiator Thea Paris as she attempts to free her father from the clutches of a mysterious captor. Thea is a bold heroine who readers will love rooting for, but crafting her was no easy task. Here, Howe shares stories from the three years she spent researching kidnappers, their victims, and the heroes who fight to bring loved ones home safe. Have you ever heard the term “response consultant?” If not, you’re not alone. A hidden world exists…

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