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The Forgetting Place

John Burley draws us inside a hospital for the criminally insane in The Forgetting Place

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If you’ve ever watched an episode Law & Order and wondered, “Hey, where does that guy end up now that he’s been found not guilty by reason of insanity?” one answer is┬áMenaker State Hospital, the setting for John Burley’s creepy new thriller┬áThe Forgetting Place. In the novel, Dr. Lise Shields, a Menaker psychiatrist, is tasked with unraveling the story of Jason Edwards, a new patient who mysteriously arrives at the hospital with no paperwork or court history. Burley spoke to BookTrib about his own medical background, how he researches a book, and even what he’d pack for a trip to asylum. BOOKTRIB: How did your background as an emergency room physician contribute to the writing of this book? John Burley:…

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