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Hey, Hollywood! Your Next Hot Movie Franchise Should be Katherine Neville’s Books

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One day somebody at Disney woke up and realized that there are eight Mary Poppins books and decided to cash in on that revelation with a new live-action movie. Not that I have anything against our favorite umbrella-wielding British nanny, but seriously Hollywood, is this all you’ve got? Apparently they’ve never read anything by Katherine Neville. Hailed by The Washington Post as “a feminist answer to Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Neville’s 1988 cult classic The Eight (Ballantine Books, 1997) is an international bestseller in more than 40 languages. Now available in eBook for the first time ever, it’s time that a new generation of readers discovered the Neville-verse of romance, history, mysticism, espionage and secret societies. Call me crazy,…

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