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Feast on This: 6 Tasty Books about Food for the Holidays!

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It’s December, which means time for feasts and festivities with loved ones! Over the next few weeks year-long dreams of consuming seasonal delicacies and your holiday favorites will become reality. Books about food are a great way to fill a craving without packing on all the extra pounds this time of year. Here’s a selection of books where foods of all kinds, from all cultures are the focus. Each one is so beautifully written with detailed descriptions of food that are so vivid, you can almost taste them! Ranging from cookbooks to psychological thrillers, these reads are bound to make your mouth water with saucy plots and and tempting titles. Go on…indulge your appetite for something great to read! Pok…

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International Women’s Day: Highlighting Six of Our Favorite Female Authors

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March 8 is International Women’s Day, which means we’re celebrating all those women from around the globe who inspire and entertain us. It’s easy to keep yourself in an Americanized bubble, only reading stories from the familiar authors we know and love. But the international book community is vast and vibrant, filled with writers from all different cultures and nationalities. In honor of all the talented women across the world, here are six international female authors (and their most recent books!) that you should be reading immediately: Lone Star, Paullina Simons (William Morrow, November 2015) I fell hard for Simons’ Bronze Horseman series, about an epic romance that starts in communist Russia during World War II and spans decades and continents. Since…

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