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The English Patient

How Doing Nothing Can Make You More Productive

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When was the last time you found yourself doing nothing or sitting in quiet contemplation or simply looking out the window? Most of us think nothing of scrolling through social media while talking to a friend on the phone, or answering emails and texts while in a meeting. While this may seem productive and make us feel that we are excellent multi-taskers, it might not be good for us. Alan Lightman is a physicist, novelist, and essayist who believes we are losing ourselves in the digital network and builds a case that the overload of Information and distraction from technology is making us less productive. The MIT professor who has been described as the “poet laureate of science writers” joined…

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Messineo’s ‘The Fire by Night’ Sheds Light on Nurses During Wartime

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Though all wars result in the same atrocious outcome, they are hardly similar in their origins. They often start with an incident, a provocation, appearing to be insignificant, but releasing long-supressed emotions. This can be a process which may take years to burn out. On May 8, 2017, we celebrated the official end of WWII, and though the conflict has been over for more than 70 years, it still continues to consume us on intellectual and spiritual levels. We still try to comprehend how atrocities of this magnitude are possible. We remember the main perpetrators, their names synonymous with locations, whereas all the forgotten heroes and sacrificed populations are collectively remembered as the ‘casualties.’ Even in memory, wars and history…

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