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Micheline Nader says: Let the Dolphin Dance guide you

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Conscious awareness is something that many of us only dream of—if we’ve heard of it at all. But that state of self-understanding seems closer than ever, thanks to Micheline Nader’s new book, The Dolphin’s Dance: Discover Yourself Through a Powerful 5 Step Journey into Conscious Awareness (Balboa Press, 2015). Her self-help guide is designed to allow people to tap into their inner selves through an easy-to-follow five step process, called the DANCE. BookTrib sat down to talk with Nader about conscious awareness and her own path to discovering her true self: BookTrib: Can you explain exactly what your five-stage “DANCE” process entails? Micheline Nader: The five-stage process follows the acronym DANCE. The first stage is about discovering emotions. The second stage…

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