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Mike Urban’s Cookbook and Travel Guide Should be on Every Seafood Lover’s Bookshelf

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If you’re a Connecticut native like me who has also spent a lot of time in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, chances are that you have a mental check list of all your favorite roadside seafood spots along the coast during the summer months. One of my favorite places comes from my college days in Bristol, Rhode Island. Situated between Bristol and Newport is Middletown, where a simple family business called Anthony’s Seafood churns out fresh dishes all day. This does not go unnoticed in Yankee Magazine writer Mike Urban‘s The New England Seafood Markets Cookbook: Recipes from the Best Lobster Rounds, Clam Shacks, and Fishmongers (The Countrymen Press, May 24, 2016). One of the most unique things about Rhode Island is the…

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Tom Hanks Uses a Typewriter and You Should, Too

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I’m typing these words on a computer, and you’re reading them from one. The ideas begin in my head, flow down my arms into the keyboard, and then they’re digitized and blasted through the great, endless expanse of the Internet. Your computer snags them and turns them into letters on a screen, which pour through your eyes and re-form as ideas in your brains. At no point, though, are the ideas or the words that represented them rendered in anything physical. You can’t touch them or hold them, and if I don’t like the way they come out, I can’t snatch them up, crumple them into a ball, and toss them into the wastebasket. In the days of yore, I…

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