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Chocolate Lovers: Sandra Boynton Returns — Plus a Fairytale Brownies Giveaway!

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What do you really want from your chocolate? Are you looking for a constant companion or an infrequent nibble? Perhaps you need some mood stabilization therapy through cacao consumption—or do you just want a quick sugar fix? You can now realize your full chocolate-loving potential because Sandra Boynton’s “Chocolate: The Consuming Passion (Workman; October 6, 2015) has covered every chocolate-drizzled angle. The beloved New York Times bestselling author, humorist and illustrator first wrote her “Handbook for the Truly Obsessed” in 1982; it has been redrawn and updated to the delight of a whole new generation of chocoholics. As Boynton notes, many things have changed in the world since the original release, but chocolate remains constant. Boynton’s comedic insight into the…

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