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Tara Isabella Burton’s Debut and Deadly Relationships

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This year, we’ve seen a lot of books that seem to just raise the bar on what we can expect from literature in terms of mesmerizing plots, spellbinding characters and twists no one ever saw coming. But debut novel Social Creature, with its eye-catching cover that stops you in your tracks may just have raised the bar above all the others. Equally hypnotic and provocative, the novel focuses on the friendship between two women: Louise living on her own, barely making rent with no real relationships with anyone, not even her own family; and Lavinia, living in an apartment on the Upper East Side, funded by her parents, and taking part in everything the high life in New York has to offer.…

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Friday Morning Coffee Podcast: ‘Light the Dark’ Editor Joe Fassler

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BookTrib.com recently added Writer’s Bone to our weekly features. Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy have been bringing us weekly podcasts of discussions they have with writers about the craft of writing and what motivates them to tell a good story. Today, you can enjoy a Friday Morning Coffee podcast featuring Joe Fassler.  Today, Joe Fassler sits down with the Writer’s Bone own Caitlin Malcuit for an episode of Friday Morning Coffee. Faster is best known as the editor for Light the Dark: Writers on Creativity, Inspiration, and the Artistic Process, a reporter/essayist for The Atlantic’s “By Heart” series, and his covering of politics and economics of the American food system as senior editor for The New Food Economy.  Today, he talks writers and creativity in a brand…

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Online Dating Advice for the Newly Separated “Bennifer”

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Cheer up, Ben and Jennifer; I know, divorce hurts. But the best thing you can do for yourselves right now is to climb back up on that horse. And for my money, the best way you can do that is online dating. “Online dating?” you’re asking. “Isn’t that kind of creepy and weird?” Well, yes, now and then it can be. But not nearly as much as you might think. Most of the time, it can be a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people. And there are a LOT of people to meet online. More than 40 million of the 124 million single adults in the United States have used online dating—and many of them have…

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