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The Assassins

Gayle Lynds spins tale of intrigue in The Assassins

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When master spy Judd Ryder returns in The Assassins (St. Martin’s Press; June 30, 2015) the latest thriller from best-selling author Gayle Lynds, he’s not only doing battle with the Carnivore, an infamous Cold War killer. He’s fighting for his life, his reputation and his destiny—all the while conducting a delicate balancing act deciding whether and when to unleash his own deadly abilities. “Judd is a reluctant hero,” Lynds said in an exclusive interview with BookTrib. “He doesn’t like ‘the life’ in espionage because he’s really good at it, and that frightens him. He has a power inside him, as many of us do, but his is a darker power. So he’s always on that razor’s edge of when to…

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