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Book Excerpt! Beatrice Chestnut, PhD’s ‘The 9 Types of Leadership’

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book excerpt 9 types of leadership beatrice chestnut

For a sneak peek of Beatrice Chestnut, PhD’s The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st Century Workplace (Post Hill Press, January 31, 2017) check out the excerpt below! Why Are Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence the Most Vital Factors in Excellent Leadership? Interestingly, it turns out that if you are unkind to people, if you regularly engender negative feelings in others, you tend not to be an effective leader. Being disrespectful and controlling and insensitive tends to be correlated with being bad at managing people. Of course, throughout history, there have undoubtedly been many examples of successful jerks, but more and more, leaders who are self-centered, ego-driven, unaware of their own reactions, unskilled in managing…

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