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Anubis: A Thriller Straight from U.S. Intelligence

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You expect a thriller written by a retired member of the U.S. Intelligence Community who served in Iraq and Saudi Arabia to give you the inside dope on how terror and other stuff gets done. Anubis delivers. In this second installment of Eric C. Anderson’s New Caliphate trilogy (Dunn Books), soldiers, spies and statesmen converge as the world braces for an overflow of terror – a new U.S. president is about to be inaugurated and ISIS is attacking on multiple fronts. But beyond the main storyline, one gains an array of information – the relevance of which may depend on your vocation or your intentions to take over parts or all of the free world. Consider: How to take out…

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Cartoonists sharpen their weapons

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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the case of the horrific massacre in the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo satire magazine on Wednesday, January 7. Twelve people were killed at the site–two police officers and 10 staff members, including three cartoonists. Since that awful morning, the entire world has shown solidarity for freedom of expression, but none quite as poignantly–or pointedly–as the community of cartoonists. Here are a few of the images that moved us, some to tears.                  

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