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Ten Fingers Touching

Ellen Roth dreams up a bewitching fairy tale for adults in Ten Fingers Touching

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The recent success of the new Cinderella movie teaches us one crucial thing: everyone loves a fairy tale. But for adults, it’s not always easy to find a book that captures the magic and romance of those classic stories we grew up on while still appealing to a more mature audience. This is why we’re so drawn to Ellen Roth’s Ten Fingers Touching, a new book that combines love, adventure, and breathtaking illustrations. Roth’s mature fairy tale tells the story of Martak and Marianna as they fall in love and fight the forces of Evil as he tries to defeat Good. Not only is it an epic tale, but the book is filled with lush, colorful drawings by John Blumen.…

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Live Interview with Ellen A. Roth, Author of Ten Fingers Touching + a delectable Godiva giveaway

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ENTER TO WIN… Evil plots his return to power and Good fights to defeat Evil’s sinister plan. Caught between them in this epic struggle are two young lovers—Martak, master of the forest, and Marianna, a beautiful maiden and governess to Rosy, the impetuous, young princess. Evil’s desperate scheme to outwit Good and rule the Kingdom puts Martak, Marianna and the Princess at risk as they are drawn into the conflict. Will the soulmates realize their “happily ever after?” Martak must first unravel the curse and destroy Evil. In this land where magical forces vie for dominance, could true love be the most powerful weapon of all? A beautifully illustrated tale for women of all ages, Ten Fingers Touching explores the complex nature…

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