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TED Talks: Chip Kidd on Literally Judging Books by Their Covers

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What do stories look like? That’s the question book designer Chip Kidd answers on a daily basis. In his hilarious and passionate talk from TED 2012, Kidd discusses the magic that goes into the book covers we judge regularly. Kidd has designed some of the most famous book covers ever, and his delightful talk focuses on the ways first impressions impact the way you perceive a story. Along with a plea against impersonal e-readers, which lose the “comfort of thingyness – a little bit of humanity,” Kidd tells the story of some of his most recognizable book covers to illustrate a greater point about the importance of imagery. If you want to see some of your favorite books in a…

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Review: Pulitzer Prize Winner Siddhartha Mukherjee’s Laws of Medicine

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We’ve been trained—from childhood—to trust our doctors; some patients trust their doctors absolutely. For many, it can be unnerving to hear a doctor discuss what he or she doesn’t know—and admitting that what we do know about medicine is a tiny speck in the vast universe of what has yet to be discovered. It’s strangely refreshing, then, to hear a doctor address this fundamental truth about medicine so directly and reassure us that the human element of navigating the unknown might be the most valuable resource we have in medicine, the so-called “youngest science.” “I had never expected medicine to be such a lawless, uncertain world,” writes Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee in his book The Laws of Medicine: Field Notes from…

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