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Be Still My Heart: 10 Love Stories Totally Worth the Wait!

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Be still my heart! Between the new episodes of Outlander and Arrow, this has been a pretty great week for romance. And not just any standard romance either, but love stories that we have been pining over, desperately waiting for our favorite couples to reunite.   On Outlander, we finally got our Print Shop Scene, with Claire and Jamie reuniting after spending 20 years – and technically a couple of centuries – apart. As a longtime Outlander fan (of both the show and the books!), it was everything I could have dreamed of and more. Awkward, sweet, and crazy romantic. Don’t even get me started on the basically 45 minute sex scene that followed. When it comes to Arrow, Oliver and Felicity…

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Wedded Bliss: The Best Book and TV Marriages that Prove Love Always Wins

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We’re in full swing of the biggest month of the year for weddings: June! And when you think of weddings, you almost always think of love, romance and happily ever afters. As a long time romance reader, I’m used to books that have a happy ending. But here’s the thing: we rarely see what comes next. Usually our couple kisses or gets married and then rides off into the sunset. The drama is over, and we’re left to imagine what the rest of their lives look like. Sometimes it’s nice to imagine that idyllic life, trusting that a couple’s future will be free from angst or hardship. But it’s also not very realistic. Because in reality, marriage isn’t an ending, it’s…

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