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Dog Days of Summer: Books for Those Who Love Man’s Best Friend

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They are happy creatures. They are your best friend. And they always want to play — even when you don’t. If you haven’t guessed which furry four-legged creature I’m talking about then you must not be a dog person! Whether you have a companion dog, you’re a doggy foster parent or you’re simply dog-sitting for the week, we all know that at the end of the day these little pups are what get us through some of the hard times. Besides wet kisses and muddy feet, man’s best friend also comes along with some health benefits. After all, having a pet has been known to be emotionally and physically beneficial for ourselves. So here’s the thing: take a trip down to your local adoption…

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Spartan Up! What Author Steven Pressfield Learned From the Spartans

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Steven Pressfield, author of Warrior Ethos, found that writing about the Spartans was not as easy as he anticipated because they felt their actions, not the written word, were a better use of their time. Because of this, Pressfield learned that the Spartans were especially concerned with discipline and overcoming adversity; two things that he had to face while putting together his book. Listen to the podcast to find out how and why Pressfield never gave up. For more, watch the Podcast above. ABOUT SPARTAN UP! THE PODCAST: Every day, Joe De Sena, founder and CEO of Spartan Race and a New York Times bestselling author, inspires millions of people all over the world to get off the couch and take on any obstacle, on…

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