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OMG! It’s totes cray-cray. What happened to writing with a Sense of Style?

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OMG! How r u supposed 2 find gr8 writing these dayz? : – ( Ugh. With the advent of texting and social media, the self-appointed “Grammar Police” (and did Grammar Police even exist before the Internet?) are on a round-the-clock dragnet, bemoaning the downfall of the English language. Why do so many people write so poorly? Does the general public even care about good writing anymore? Should they? Should anyone? Fear not—appearances to the contrary on Facebook, Twitter, and the “Comments” section of your favorite Internet news page, all is well. The language endures. And a new usage guide—one crafted especially for today’s writer—has arrived to ensure that the language will thrive well into the new millennium. That new guide…

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