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WIN: Mysteries of the Unknown. The creepy, the kooky, the mysterious and spooky

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What really happened to Amelia Earhart? Is the Kennedy family truly cursed? Do the spirits of the dead haunt a house in Amityville, Long Island? And why did it take the Boston Red Sox 86 years to win a World Series after selling Babe Ruth to the hated rival New York Yankees? These and other tantalizing questions are addressed in TIME LIFE Books’ new, lavishly illustrated volume, Mysteries of the Unknown: Inside the World of the Strange and Unexplained (Time Home Entertainment, 2014), a book that will make you an instant expert on the creepy, the kooky, the mysterious and spooky. There’s no shortage of mysteries that have plagued humankind for generations, and Mysteries of the Unknown offers a wide…

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