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2009 VMA Run-in with Kanye West Did Not Damage Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation,’ Says Fan Fav Biography

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The most unforgettable and bizarre year in VMA history was 2009. Michael Jackson was dead, Lady Gaga was gross, Brittany Spear’s made a comeback and Hip-Hop ruled. However, the one thing that is forever etched in the annals of VMA history was the moment Kanye West jumped on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Video of the Year. Swift seemed genuinely shocked, as were most people in the audience and at home. ┬áThis single incident could have ended of both careers, but it had just the opposite effect. As a result of this awkward situation, both artists were catapulted into into super stardom. Kanye proved he was bad-ass and Taylor Swift became the darling of America and a…

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