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Spring Break

Occupy Your Spring Break with These YA Reads!

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Empty out your backpack filled with algebra and chemistry books, because you won’t be needing them on your spring break! Not sure what will occupy your time, though, while visiting relatives in Florida? We’ve got a few suggestions! Load up that empty backup with these Young Adult books you won’t be able to put down. We promise you won’t be disappointed with these page-turners, so grab your sun tan lotion, put in your head phones and enjoy the warm breeze of the ocean air as you dive into these stories of young adults we definitely wish we could spend a few days with IRL. Glass Sword (Red Queen), Victoria Aveyard (Harper Teen, February 2016) Victoria Aveyard has not only done it again, but…

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Fabulous literary spring break destinations

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I was swapping ideas one night with a friend about where we would go for an inspirational weekend of no-costs-barred fun, if we could. Winter was dragging. The college kids at the school where he taught were starting to plan their spring break and we were way too old for that. “Someplace where writers would go,” I said. “Someplace strange, but great.” I didn’t want a beach trip or some international adventure. I just wanted to be inspired and see something new. My friend had just told me about the day he’d spent in France when he had accidentally found himself touring Gertrude Stein’s famous apartment, which had been the epicenter of the literary salon scene in 1920s Paris. In…

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