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Top 10 most stylish sci-fi characters–the fabulous future of fashion

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Science fiction stories are often remembered for their high-tech gadgets, alien make up, and dystopian governments, but what about their fashion? From iconic bikinis to perfectly tailored suits – sci-fi has given us some of the most stylish characters in pop culture, and we think it’s about time to celebrate their cutting-edge looks. Here are the top 10 stylish sci-fi characters of all time: 1. Princess Leia – Star Wars Sure, it’s a cliché, but only because it’s true. No other character in sci-fi has had such a huge impact on fashion, on costuming, and on the way we picture futuristic space women. The metal bikini, the cinnamon bun hair – Princess Leia is the reigning queen of sci-fi style.…

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