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‘Strong to the Bone’ is Jon Land’s Most ‘Introspective’ Book in Series

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In September, author James R. Hannibal (The Fourth Ruby) gave an outstanding review of Jon Land’s latest in the Caitlin Strong series, Strong to the Bone, which was released today.  Here we revisit Hannibal’s review of what he calls Land‘s most “introspective” and deeply “insightful” book in the series.   Rape. Racism. White Supremacy. These are hard words to read, and even harder to write. It feels risky, dangerous even to offer such evil the permanence of ink on paper. In Strong to the Bone author Jon Land refuses to shy away from that risk, exposing those evils with the right blend of delicacy and rage, while still bringing the intense action and thrills readers of his Caitlin Strong series have come to expect.…

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Ashley’s War: Female soldiers standing with the military’s best

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They were among the Army’s most elite soldiers, and they were women. Community Support Team 2 was a special ops unit of female soldiers who accompanied Army Rangers and Green Berets on dangerous night missions in Afghan’s Kandahar province. Designated as an “attachment” because women weren’t allowed to serve in combat, their training was worthy of any special unit. Only half of the volunteers survived the “100 hours of hell.” Their mission was to reach out to women and children to gather intelligence—something male soldiers couldn’t do in such a conservative society where men and women couldn’t mingle. Their experiences and the death of the charismatic heart of their unit, 1st Lt. Ashley White, who was killed along with two…

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