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Four Stephen King Characters We Want in Hulu’s Castle Rock from J.J. Abrams

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Nerds everywhere rejoice! Stephen King and J.J. Abrams are working on a new project together: Castle Rock. We’ll just repeat that so it sinks in: STEPHEN KING AND J.J. ABRAMS ARE WORKING ON A NEW PROJECT TOGETHER. And we’ve clearly been freaking out! It’s like sci-fi Thanksgiving and horror Christmas all rolled up into one amazingly creepy bundle of joy. The project is a new show for Hulu called Castle Rock, based on the fictional Maine town where King sets so many of his horror stories. While Abrams and King have previously teamed up with Hulu for last year’s time-bendy 11.22.63, this time they’re diving even deeper into King’s works for an original psychological horror. Described by Hulu as, “a…

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