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Oh How Quaint to Own a Bookshop in a Scottish Village: Not!

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“There is a stereotype of the impatient, intolerable, antisocial proprietor….There are exceptions, of course, and many booksellers do not conform to this type. Sadly, I do,” admits Shaun Bythell. From the very start of the The Diary of a Bookseller (Melville House) author Shaun Bythell is anything but an idyllic bookstore owner. At The Bookshop, Scotland’s largest secondhand bookstore, he holds nothing back, giving his raw and often pessimistic opinions on his role as proprietor, his customers, and the industry itself in the face of the looming Amazon machine. Whatever romantic notions you have about the glamour of running a bookstore swiftly vanish facing the stark reality the author presents of the daily grind with heart and humor, which he does…

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