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2017 Goodreads Award Nominees for Under $10 on Kindle

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Early this month, we released our 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards picks from our favorite categories so you could gain insight on what these awards are about and gain suggestions to new novels for your reading list. Today, we take it a step further, and want to suggest some of these titles to you that are now under $10 for your Kindle! Who doesn’t love a little affordable reading when the weather is getting cold and everybody is looking for the best Christmas gift? Don’t miss out on these awesome suggestions based on our favorites of Goodreads 2017: The Ghostwriter, Alessandra Torre Helena Ross is a beloved fiction writer of romance, but now she’s taking on a whole new genre: writing…

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From Jane Eyre to Mockingjay to Austenland: Books that Need More Sex

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I should preface this by saying I’m not a pervert. Well, not much of one anyway. But sometimes you’re reading a book and you just know that a sex scene would make all the difference. Maybe the couple is getting a little too close; maybe that kissing scene is just a little too hot. The reason doesn’t even matter really—you just pray that the characters will start to go to town. And if you’re lucky, they do. But there are times when your fave couple just chastely kisses or walks away, letting all that delicious sexual chemistry go to waste. For those of us who are a little more, um, in need of that great love scene, here are five…

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