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Cassandra Clare Signs Seven-Figure Book Deal for New Series

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Cassandra Clare, New York Times best-selling author of the wildly popular Young Adult urban fantasy series The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and  The Dark Artifices, has just signed a seven-figure book deal with Del Rey Books to launch a new series in the same genre, but with an adult audience as the focus. Sword Catcher, the first book in this new series is currently in progress, and a publication date will be announced shortly. Readers should expect the books to be high fantasy novels, dealing with “criminals, princes, magicians, and warriors,” a step away from the New York City set of The City of Bones, the first book in The Mortal Instruments series. Cassandra Clare tweeted the big news yesterday:   While not much has been reported…

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Back-to-School Romances Perfect For the Student in All of Us

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It doesn’t matter how old you get, September always means back-to-school season. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to buy some new clothes as you wait for the leaves to start changing colors. If you actually are going back to school, there’s something nice about leaving those humid days of summer behind to start dreaming of plaid skirts and the smell of fresh textbooks. Speaking of books, back-to-school season is also a great time to dive into some awesome new reads. The more romance the better, as far as we’re concerned. After all, what’s better than checking out your crush as he walks past your locker every day or makes a winning touchdown at the big game? In honor of…

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Failed It/Failed It: Shadowhunters Edition

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Usually in our Failed It/Nailed It column we look at book adaptations that are both successful and…not so successful. But sometimes there’s just nothing positive to say, which is unfortunately how I feel about the two major adaptations of Cassandra Clare’s über-popular The Mortal Instruments series. Let me be clear: I’m a HUGE fan of Clare’s books. I’ve read every novel in her fantasy series, which focuses on Clary Fray, a teen girl who gets caught up in the world of Shadowhunters. The Shadowhunters are a secret, elite group of warriors descended from angels who battle paranormal creatures through the use of runes, or tattoos. Clare creates a rich world of hidden cities, vampires and super hot sarcastic boys (hello, Jace)…

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