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Serial Killers

Author R.G. Belsky Explores the Female Serial Killer in ‘Blonde Ice’

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Author R.G. Belsky is no stranger to thrillers and we have to be honest, some of our favorite crime novels are the Gil Malloy books. Lucky for us, Belsky has returned with the fourth book in the series, Blonde Ice: A Gil Malloy Novel (Atria Books, October 18, 2016) and we are hooked! It’s full of desire, revenge and drama and we couldn’t wait to chat with Belsky about the blonde femme fatale he puts at the center of this exciting book. Belsky was happy to answer some of our burning questions about his latest addition to the Gil Malloy series, Blonde Ice. See what he had to say below! BookTrib: What does the title Blonde Ice refer to? R.G. Belsky: That’s…

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Horrifying Reads to Get You Ready for American Horror Story Season 6

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It’s no secret around the office that I’m a huge fan of FX’s American Horror Story (AHS). I even had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of walking around the set of “Coven: Season 3”, meeting the writers and watching the actors film for six hours. Anyways, enough about me. As we all know, fall means Halloween time fun, which correlates to loving everything that is scary, especially a new season of AHS. From a depressing group of ghosts to an insane clown and most recently a group of hungry vampire children, writer Ryan Murphy is certainly not afraid to push the boundaries of television. But this year the AHS marketing team seems to be taking a different route. First of all, season 6 is starting a month earlier…

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