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More, Please! Books that Need Sequels Immediately

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There’s nothing like reading a wonderful book that keeps you up all night, fills you with warm fuzzies, or even makes you shed a tear or two. But when the story is finally over, you’re left with an empty feeling that just won’t go away. If you’re lucky, the author will write a sequel and you’ll get to hang out with your favorite characters for a little while longer. But more often than not, one book is all we get, leaving us to imagine, speculate and pray for that sequel that will probably never come. There’s not much I wouldn’t do to get a sequel to my favorite novels. These are the stories that consume my thoughts, that I read again…

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When Sequels Whisper in Your Ear

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Have you ever finished a novel and wished the author would write another with the same characters? Some novels are so hard to let go of. They linger. They nag. They whisper in our ears when we’re sleeping. “So what happened next?” Some of my most popular novels were conceived as single titles until readers changed my mind. Wedding Ring became the five-book Shenandoah Album series. Happiness Key was followed by two additional stories. The Goddesses Anonymous series was different. I conceived the idea at a time when life was growing increasingly difficult. Jobs were ending; finances were tight. The word “depression” was heard too often. I wanted to remind readers that even if we can’t change the world, each…

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