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A Reader’s Guide to New Adult Fiction

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The literary world is a vast and ever-expanding place, where new genres and terms are constantly being invented and developed. “New Adult,” or NA, is a fairly broad genre that’s defined mostly by the age group it revolves around. While Young Adult literature focuses on characters in their early to late teens, NA tells stories about characters in their early adult years: typically ages 18-30. Books about characters in their 20s are nothing new. In the ‘90s, Chick Lit emerged as the genre that bridged the gap between YA and romance novels, often focusing on characters in their mid-to late 20s. But while Chick Lit deals with some of the same issues as NA—finding love, succeeding in the workplace—it has…

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Playlists for 2 Romance Novels We Adore

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As a huge lover of books and music, it only makes sense that the two would go together. When I’m sitting down to read, I’m not just picking a random playlist, I’m searching for those specific songs that I know will go perfectly with the tone and the atmosphere of what I’m reading. For sweet romances, I want quiet love songs. For epic fantasy, I want soaring classical numbers. But no matter what, the music is just as important as the words I’m reading. Lately, I’ve been devouring indie/self-published romances, where the men are hot and the women are sassy. Here are two I can’t put down —and the playlists to go along with them. Read: Hold On (The ‘Burg…

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Scamming Amazon: Creating a Fake Bestseller in One Week

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It’s no secret that the world of self-publishing on Amazon has been mired in controversy for years. But recently, I came across a story about an Amazon “success” that I feel perfectly illustrates the problem. This is John Havel. He’s a writer for The Hustle, a publication that’s currently embroiled in a month-long series about people who “game the system.” Havel penned an article about the insanely scammy world of Amazon Kindle eBooks last week. And while most people would turn away from the entire topic in disgust after learning just how seedy the world of eBooks really is, Havel instead decided to put this newfound knowledge to the test. He wondered just how hard it would be to scam…

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Amazon’s Per-Page-Read a Huge Blow to Self-Publishing World?

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July 1 was a nightmare for a number of self-published authors. At a time when e-readers are ruling the book industry, many have been concerned about how they will receive payment for their written, excuse me, digital word. Enter Amazon, who believes it has come up with the solution for this “problem” with a new payment system for those indie authors who opt-in to Kindle Direct Publishing Select, as well as books that are rented through Kindle Unlimited or the Lending Library. Instead of being paid once a reader reaches 10 percent of the book, which was deemed “unfair” because the longer the book, the more pages that need to be read to meet that quota, these authors will now be paid for each page read.…

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