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The scent of reincarnation

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The Collector of Dying Breaths (Atria, April) is the follow-up to The Book of Lost Fragrances and Seduction. They all feature Jac (short for Jacinth) L’Etoile, a young woman who is part of a perfume dynasty in France. She was joined in the previous novels by her brother Robbie, her on-and-off boyfriend, Griffin North, and her mentor, Malachi Samuels. These three books are part of a larger collection of books built around a theme: reincarnation. Jac has experienced past-life regression or “memory lurches,” as author M. J. Rose terms it. She sees herself in prior lives interacting with Griffin’s prior incarnations, to no good end in each case. In addition to being able to sense her own past lives, she apparently…

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