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Jonesin’ For a Fix: Books for TV Addicts — Jane the Virgin Edition

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When I first heard the premise to The CW’s Jane the Virgin, I rolled my eyes and mentally wrote it off. A virgin gets accidentally knocked up? Count me out. I’m a romance novel (and TV) junkie, and I’ve read/watched enough ‘surprise pregnancy’ tropes to know that it’s not my cup of tea. But then I saw the cute trailer… And I decided to at least give the show a try. Two seasons later, I am 100 percent, officially hooked. Yes, there is an accidental pregnancy. But Jane the Virgin is also hilarious, quick, romantic-as-hell and just plain awesome. It’s like nothing I’ve ever watched before, blending traditional romance with over-the-top telenovela-style drama. But the show is highly aware of the campiness,…

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