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Alicia Minshew Talks Recent Roles, SudsvilleTV and Missing All My Children’s Kendall

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Talking with the amazingly talented Alicia Minshew always feels like catching up with an old friend whom I’ve known since childhood. She’s open, honest, real and a truly kind person. Add all of that to the fact that she’s a crazy-talented actress who is down for any and every opportunity and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect star. Minshew rose to fame when she was tapped in 2002 to play Kendall Hart, the daughter of All My Children’s Erica Kane, and became half of the insanely popular Zach and Kendall, “Zendall,” pairing. Following her almost 10-year run on the show, Minshew has had no shortage of work. She’s starred in the web series Tainted Dreams and Beacon Hill, as…

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