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How to Get Away With Murder: 5 Reads on Annalise Keating’s Fictional Bookshelf

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It’s time for another fictional bookshelf, where we imagine the books our favorite characters might have lining their shelves. Since it’s also Emmy week here at Booktrib, we wanted to pick an Emmy-nominated performance we’re most definitely rooting for. The choice was easy – Viola Davis’s Annalise Keating from ABC’s smash hit, How to Get Away with Murder. Soapy and twisty, HTGAWM is everything you could want out of a Shonda Rhimes-helmed show. Complicated defense attorney Annalise Keating is the glue that holds it all together as she kicks ass in the courtroom, deals with her crazy and meddling students, and tries not to crack under the pressure of all those murders. Played by Davis, Annalise is the type of…

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