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Saigon Calling

BookTrib Q & A with Marcelino Truong, Author-Illustrator of Graphic Novel ‘Saigon Calling’

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Marcelino Truong, a self-taught illustrator who works on graphic novels, has been growing as an artist for years and wants to share his growth with us. In this exclusive interview, we learn more about some of his recent works, taboo subjects, and his take on the media.  BookTrib: You’re a self-taught illustrator, and the images you have in both graphic novels are very particular, and sometimes deal with very heavy subject matter, which is reminiscent of MAUS. Did your artistic abilities grow organically in the media of drawing for graphic novels, or did you start off drawing, or designing somewhere else first? Marcelino Truong: Both my graphic novels are the result of many years of experience as a self-taught illustrator…

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